Spraying a coat of Polymer
Post-spraying inspection
On its way to the drying cabinet
Sanding the polymer surface
Ensuring a smooth perfection
Proudly displaying one of my works

My inner-city Studio is a converted house located in South Melbourne very convenient to all services & within Melbourne's art & theatre precinct.

It comprises a large well lit open work space, store room & wet room. I have also added a dedicated spray room.

The spray room is equipped with ventilation, a mobile hydraulic platform, a remote controlled conveyor system for continuous spraying and a state-of-the-art HVLP Spray System. Also incorporated into this room is a heated drying cabinet large enough to simultaneously handle a number of my latest works at any point in time.

Additionally the front of the premises has been converted into a modern, light filled 1 Bedroom apartment with all conveniences. It can be booked for rental via Airbnb under "The Artist Studio", South Melbourne.

The total facility makes for a wonderful working space allowing me to execute my complex multi-layering painting process but also giving me the space to constantly experiment with new materials and techniques.