Born Adelaide

Living and working in Melbourne

Having started his working life “using his hands” and then progressing through a successful business career David Wallage determined to find the opportunity to combine his intellectual curiosity, technical skills and creativity.

Exiting the business world in 2005 he immediately threw himself into his art practice.  Working closely with mentor Dr Michael Mark, along with his attendance at the VCA in 2011, he quickly became adept at manipulating a wide range of art materials and methods.

Early drafting experience and a love of contemporary architecture drew Wallage towards a strong appreciation for geometric abstraction as it applies to the use of grids, lines and repeat patterns.

Significant influences include renowned American artist Agnes Martin along with abstractionists Sol LeWitt, Donald Judd and Dan Flavin.  Wallage enjoys the challenge of referencing abstract expressionism within a 21st Century interpretation.

“I commence by considering the underlying mathematics of a work, trying to plot a credible result, but all the time knowing that despite all attempts to the contrary, imperfections arise.  Achieving a ‘perfect’ order is an illusive goal, yet I am repeatedly drawn to a systemic attempt at exerting control over a piece.

This level of attention to detail, the layering, sanding and polishing of up to 100 layers of polymer and pigment satisfies a craving to lock away visual elements as historic references but always allowing a glimpse, a reveal of what was, deep within the work represented as blurred images with privileged access to our subconscious.

As far as the work is concerned I’m really into the physicality of creating a quality handmade product and despite all the taping, ruling, painting, sanding, scheming, contemplating and, naturally, perspiration my fastidious intentions are parried and then welcomed as a result.”

Reasoned Explorations (Solo), Block Projects, Cremorne, Victoria (3 - 27 April, 2013)

2013 Potier Gallery, Middle Park, Victoria (November, 2013)

2014 New Horizon (Group), NKN Gallery, Cremorne, Victoria (8 - 29 March, 2014)

2015 Here & Now (Group), NKN Gallery, Cremorne, Victoria (6 - 24 Jan, 2015)

2015 Group One, Sagra Gallery, Malvern, Victoria (17 Feb - 14 March, 2015)

2015 Time Lines (Solo), NKN Gallery, Cremorne, Victoria (5 - 30 May, 2015)

2015 Salon Exhibition (Group), Sagra Gallery, Malvern, Victoria (11 June - 23 August, 2015)

2016 The Anatomy of Memory (Solo), NKN Galley, Richmond, Victoria (26 April - 21 May, 2016)

2019 Canto (Group), Block Projects, Richmond, Victoria (31 August - 14 September, 2019)

2020 How Soon Is Now (Group), Block Projects, Richmond, Victoria (13 Aug - 12 Sept, 2020)