David Wallage

"As a painter David Wallage
is ineluctably drawn to creating works 
that at first appear to be pared down to the most 
reductive elements of grids, lines and subtle colour.
However, as with many abstract or minimalist painters - 
and one can think of the work of Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin,
Sol LeWitt, and Robert Hunter among others, the apparent
simplicity that is comprehended in a first encounter, gives way with
prolonged viewing to appreciation for the greater complexity and
perception of the visual nuances contained within the work.

Depending on the timbre of the work this inner prescient core
can engage with both the mind and the senses. This is a 
rewarding process that in this ‘age of instant information’
has generated greater appreciation for spending 
quality time, especially with subtle works of art, 
enabling them to unfold slowly."